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Unit 1B / 2B:  FruitOrchard Garden Hale
Unit 2A: Treehouse Hale
Unit 1A:  Grandview Hale
Full Complex
Dates....... NightlyWeeklyNightlyWeeklyNightlyWeeklyNightlyWeekly
MAYMay 1-10$99$494$149$739$649$3239$996$4966
SEPTSept 1-30$134$669$199$994$749$4499$1216$6831
OCT/NOVOct 16 - Nov 15$134$669$199$994$749$4499$1216$6831
DECDec 1-19$134$669$199$994$749$4499$1216$6831

Vendors & Recommendations:

Photographer (Weddings, Portraits, Events):  Hawaii Photographer 

Food Trays Delivery:  Big Island Grill & Catering Service 

Catering:  Captain's Table Catering

Wedding Planner:  Hawaii Wedding Moons

Kayak Rentals & Tours to Kealakekua Bay & Captain Cook Monument:  Kona Boys

Combo Charters (fishing, snorkeling, dolphins, etc.):  Wahine Charters

Rentals & Supplies:  Service Rentals & Supplies:  

Florist:  Aloha Hawaiian Flowers

Bulk Supply (Paper Goods, Beverages, etc.):  Costco or Walmart

Grocery:  KTA or Safeway

Minimum Stay is 4 Nights during these seasons for Unit 1B, 2A, 2B and 5 Nights for Unit 1A.

See Rates for the Full Complex of 4 homes reserved Exclusive for your Private Group.  

We Offer Discounts: Military, Kama'aina, Repeat Stay, Monthly Stay, & Last Minute Reservation Discounts
Quotes:  We are quick to send you a quote.  Please include Full Name, Tel#, Email Address, Check In/Out Dates, & # of Persons.

We offer some of Kona's best rates during certain seasons.  If you have flexible dates, we have the rates!  For a full listing of rates year round, please see rate info for each unit.



Hawaii has great weather all year round.  The waters, although somewhat rougher in the Winter at times, is also perfect most days of the year.  Realizing traveling to Hawaii can be a big expense, a large portion of which is accommodation, our homes are priced competitively throughout the higher seasons, but we offer considerably lower rates during certain seasons and have great discount programs.  

Listed below is also a list of our favored vendors and other recommendations.